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Spring 2022

Easterling's Math 113

During the semester a variety of types of problems are presented and solved in MTH 113, Precalculus Trigonometry. Students solve basic right triangle trig problems, problems involving the use of the Law of Sines and Cosines, as well as problems that require finding the area of a triangle using trigonometry. Students were tasked with the project of creating a trig problem similar to those encountered in class, then depicting the problem using a variety of visual materials. They took an interest in depicting their own hobbies or interests which helped them see the “real world” application of trigonometry, firsthand. One student works in a mechanic shop and chose to create an actual portion of the engine of a car and used trig to determine the lengths of the triangle it formed. Another student who loves racing, chose to depict a race and calculated the length of the triangular track using trig. Grading included creativity of the problem and use of materials, level of difficulty, overall appearance of project and the written/typed submission and solution.