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Spring 2023

Theme: Music

"Music reaches the brain where words can't." This statement from a season four episode of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things captures this spring's museum's essence. Music is all around:  whether it be from the whistling of the wind or insects humming to a tune on the radio or an orchestra bellowing out a symphonic melody, music is part of our everyday experience.  This semester’s museum looks at the connection of music to many academic subjects.  Join the Jefferson State Digital Museum this spring as classes in biology, classic movies, history, literature, music, and theater present projects surrounding the theme of music.  This semester also welcomes participation from several instructors on professional development projects surrounding music.  Click on the subjects, or content areas, to the left to view all of the projects. If you are new to the museum, browse the archives as well!

JSCC Digital Museum Spring 2023 Theme Image

Photo taken by Ashley Kitchens with permission from artist Craig Legg.  The picture is part of Legg's Birmingham History of Rock & Roll series and represents the City Stages venue:  a yearly music festival held in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.  Representative band images illustrate the variety of acts that have come through Birmingham for the festival.