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Fall 2022

Theme: Games

Used for entertainment and engagement, games and competitions create opportunities to discover other cultures or ideas, strengthen ways of thinking or physical coordination, educate and challenge people’s own knowledge, and learn about following rules, communicating, and respecting other players, among other things. Games can be categorized in many ways:  board games, puzzle games, games of skill, outdoor games, intelligence games, video games, and a diverse array of other classifications.  Join the Jefferson State Digital Museum this fall as classes in biology, culinary arts, literature, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and theater present projects surrounding the theme of games.  New this semester is participation from several instructors on their gaming pedagogy in their classrooms as well.  Click on the subjects, or content areas, to the left to view all of the projects. If you are new to the museum, browse the archives as well!

Students in Kitchens' ENG 261 class created a game from the reading of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight many years ago. This photo of the game board and playing pieces illustrates some of the symbolism seen in the story. *Students allowed Mrs. Kitchens to keep the game as an example for future classes.