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Fall 2020

Fall 2020: Pirates!

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, Peter Pan stories, The Goonies movie, Netflix’s recent Black Sails series: all these popular culture references excite viewers with tales of the high seas and characters like Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, One-Eyed Willie, and both historical people like Captain Charles Vane, Governor Woodes Rogers, Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny - plus characters from fiction - Captain Flint and Long John Silver, respectively. The driving force behind this semester’s museum is the legacy surrounding pirates both historical and fictional. We invite you to join the JSCC crew aboard its virtual museum adventure for a look at all things PIRATE!

New England Pirate Musuem

This picture was taken by Ashley Kitchens during a professional development trip to Salem, MA.  The picture is a display in the New England Pirate Museum located at 274 Derby St, Salem, MA 01970 where photography was permitted inside the exhibits.