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Fall 2020


  • The following images that are drawn, painted, or photographed represent this semester's Pirates! theme. Thanks to artist Walter Moore, instructor Ashley Kitchens, and the New England Pirate Museum creators (photos taken at museum with permission) for the following images.

Pirate Art Gallery

Pirate Ape Painting
Pirate Ship and Mermaid Image
Museum Image Pirate 1
Museum Image Pirate 2
Museum Image Pirate 3
Museum Image Pirate 4
Museum Image Pirate 5


  • The following image showcases the CUA 130 Chocolate and Truffles culinary class project. Everything on this picture is edible - a chocolate pirate treasure chest feast.  Thanks to Chef Glenn Rinsky and the CUA 130 class for creative foodie fun!
Chocolate Box 1 Image Chocolate Box 2 Image



  • The following project looks at piracy from a health perspective.  Delve into the world of Pirates and Health:  a look at nutrition, hygiene, job hazards, and medicine in the age of piracy.  Thanks to nursing instructor Tina Rowe for her project contribution.


  • The following video hyperlink leads to a thrilling pirate debate from the Jefferson State Speech and Debate Team. 
  • Resolution:  Long John Silver is the greatest pirate. 
  • Watch as Speech and Debate Team members present a case for and against Long John Silver.  Thanks to Debate Team coach and speech instructor Janice Rayla and her team for their performance.

Video Thumbnail Image