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Fall 2020

Women's History

Student Displays Honor Notable Women

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer...

CLANTON —Women’s History Month is being recognized on the Jefferson State Community College Chilton-Clanton Campus through student displays open to the public.

History, literature and art appreciation students developed displays about notable women. Their work is displayed this week in the front lobby and hallways at the college.

“This is the third semester our literature, history and art classes have collaborated on a themed project,” Associate Dean Ashley Kitchens said. “I, as the literature instructor involved, am honored and grateful for coworkers like David McRae (history) and SueAnne Hoyt (art) that see the value in cross-curricular activities that expand students’ understanding base by making them transform learned information into a visual representation.”

The literature portion of the display features posters and brochures about female writers.

McRae’s students worked on their projects throughout the semester after being assigned a person to research. Students were divided into small groups to complete the project.

“We wanted to give our students an opportunity to do something that helps the public at large learn more about important areas in history and literature,” McRae said. “I saw this as a tremendous opportunity to have students do high level collegiate research without sort of the pressure of writing a paper.”

McRae said his students already do a lot of writing in his classes. Women throughout western and U.S. history were featured.

“They’ve gone above and beyond my expectations,” McRae said.

McRae asked students to include information on what influenced this person and why they are significant in history. Students developed a display board and a visual element to sit on the table.

“The idea is to mimic a museum,” McRae said. “In a museum, you have something on the wall and then you have the artifact. They created the artifact and the information up on the wall.”

Hoyt offered extra credit for students who chose to create something for the display. “They surprised me,” Hoyt said of the detail students included about the female artists they chose to feature. “I think some of them really enjoyed it.”

The students’ projects will be on display until Friday. The Clanton campus is located at 1850 Lay Dam Road.

Rev. Barbara Brewi speaks to JSCC students about becoming one of the first female associate pastors in Clanton, AL at the museum presentation day

Amber Sutton from SafeHouse Shelby County speaks to JSCC students about domestic violence at the museum presentation day

Carrie Willoughby, Paralympic swimming contender and artist, speaks to JSCC students about overcoming obstacles to rise to success at the museum presentation day

Leann Knight from SafeHouse Shelby County speaks to JSCC students about the role of SafeHouse in the community at the museum presentation day

Victoria Cruz, JSCC Speech and Debate Team member, presents "When the Smoke Clears" by Jennifer Cason to begin the museum presentation day