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A Writer's Handbook

Conclusion Sentences for Body Paragraphs

  • Basically summarizes the topic and points mentioned in the paragraph
  • The conclusion sentence WILL NOT transition to the next topic – it will only CONCLUDE the current topic

Example conclusion sentence for topic 1:

     Initially, Jane’s story illustrates her addiction to work because of the relationships that have been broken due to her problem. To begin with, relationships Jane had with any of her family members have been sabotaged due to her excessive work habits. Her much estranged sister says, “for months, I tried calling just to say hello and catch up with her, but she never called me back…when I finally confronted her about it, she told me she didn’t have time for me because she was busy with work” (Smith interview). Even just a simple phone call was too much for Jane to connect with her family members. Additionally, Jane’s friendships suffered due to her addiction. She has not had a night out with her girlfriends or a date night in over 6 months. All of her friends have been alienated because Jane chooses work over interaction with them.  All the relationships Jane held near to her for years have slowly depleted to nothing because of her inability to control her addiction to work.