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A Writer's Handbook

Final Thoughts on Essays

Grammar Matters

  • Good grammar and mechanics affect readability in a positive way just as terrible grammar and mechanics affect readability in a negative way
  • Content is always more important than grammar, but if grammar problems overwhelm the writing, it is possible the content will not be understood
  • Use a mixture of simple, compound, and complex sentences – sentence variety is essential to good writing
  • Use vocabulary that is natural to you and your voice
  • Editing your work can help you find surface level grammatical issues
  • Revision of your work can help you perfect organization, structure, and development of ideas

Your Ideas are Worthwhile

  • Write about topics or issues that you are passionate about so that you are motivated to write
  • Think outside of the box when making connections
  • No answer is wrong if you can use support to illustrate your point

Final Format Lies with Your Instructor

  • While the entire workbook here is meant to be a foundation for academic essays, instructors differ in assignments for the ENG 101 and 102 classes
  • Always read assignment sheets and ask questions on format, source use, or any other issue you are unsure about