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Fall 2021

McRae's History 101

David McRae's HIS 101 class examined Alabama foodways. After reading an assigned chapter from Emily Blejwas’s The Story of Alabama in Fourteen Foods, pairs conducted deeper research on the historical context surrounding these foods. Students were required to use the Jefferson State College Library’s databases. Students tapped into their creative sides by filming short videos that introduce the recipes in Blejwas’ book. Because there were multiple projects completed for each chapter, the project here represent the class’s best work. We hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: Roasted Corn: The Creek Nation in Alabama

Chapter 2: Gumbo: Africans and Creoles on the Gulf Coast

Chapter 3: Chicken Stew: Frontier Life in the Tennessee Valley

Chapter 4: Fried Green Tomatoes: Emblem of the Alabama Rural Table

Chapter 5: Lane Cake: Alabama Women in the Progressive Era

Chapter 6: Banana Pudding: The Docks at the Port of Mobile

Chapter 7: Fried Chicken: Decoration Day on Sand Mountain

Chapter 8: George Washington Carver, the Wiregrass, and Macon County Farmers

Chapter 9: Hunting and Wildlife Conservation in Alabama

Chapter 10: Sweet Tea: Birmingham in the Great Depression and World War II

Chapter 11: Sweet Potato Pie: Civil Rights and Soul Food in Montgomery

Chapter 12: Barbecue: Black History in the Black Belt

Chapter 13: Moon Pies: Mardi Gras in Mobile

Chapter 14: Shrimp: Seafood in Bayou La Batre