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Volume 35, Issue No. 1

Fun at the Clanton Campus

By Sigma Chi Eta Zeta Chapter President Daniel Davis

There is a lot more that goes on at the Clanton Campus than someone who doesn’t go there might think. I had no idea about all the fun events they have. Thankfully, the Associate Dean at that campus, Associate Dean Kitchens, was able to fill me in on all the fun students from other campuses like myself are missing out on.

  • Dressing Up/Cosplay: There is never a holiday or event that faculty, staff, and students miss an opportunity to dress up in themed wear. See event descriptions below.
  • Events at the Campus: There is also never a time that faculty, staff, and students miss an opportunity to have an event. With support from faculty and staff, the Clanton campus puts together events like the ones listed here. Larger scale events: Spring Into Art - a week of daily art activities in the lobby and an art show gallery of student submitted work for the week. Halloween Party- administrators and students together pick a theme and have pumpkin carving contests and costume contests and games and themed food. Christmas/Winter Exam Hot Chocolate Bar - week before exams in December, faculty and staff set up a hot chocolate bar for students in the lobby. Tailgate and Chili Cook-Off/Food Donation Contest - week before Thanksgiving break there is a food drive between AU and AL fans (for the upcoming Iron Bowl) and the Thursday before the Thanksgiving break, students and faculty bring in chili for all students to eat and vote on for best chili. Homecoming Week - when the college has its Pioneer Day in September on that Friday, the Clanton campus has some kind of homecoming dress up or themed day for the whole week. Ice Cream Spring Party - a week before spring exams, faculty and staff set up ice cream sundae bars in the lobby. Smaller scale events: Mardi Gras Day (beads and moon pies), Solar Eclipse Activity Days (information and activities out), Chalk Art Days (chalk sitting outside for students to draw on sidewalks), Turkey Hunt Games (students find the hidden turkeys around campus for a chance to win Thanksgiving dinners), Easter Egg Hunt Games (students find the hidden Easter eggs for a chance to win Easter baskets), and other random events - usually centered around food because we all like to eat in Clanton!
  • Events with the Community: Because the Clanton campus is a part of a smaller community, faculty, staff, and students can participate in community events.  Faculty and staff put together a Christmas Float every year and dress up (surprise) to go along with the float theme: some themes - Grinch (President Keith Brown honored us by dressing as the Grinch that year while faculty, staff, and students dressed as Whos); A Christmas Story (President Brown and Mrs. Brown dressed as the mom and dad while faculty, staff, and students dressed as leg lamps (yes, human leg lamps), and Ralphie in the bunny suit, and other iconic characters from the movie); a Peanuts gang theme; a Candyland theme; among others. Clanton Jeff State won first place for the Candyland year! Clanton's nursing groups participate in all the local student health screenings. Clanton has organized a community trash pick-up and has hosted the Chilton County Alabama Bicentennial Project when it came through our campus' county.

Associate Dean Kitchens was kind enough to share a photo from one of their Christmas floats. Certainly, the Clanton Campus is a happening spot!

Clanton Campus Christmas Float

A Brief Thank You from the President

Jefferson State Community College President Keith Brown gives a much appreciated thank you to everyone.

The administration and faculty have been working very hard during this pandemic, I want to thank faculty and students for adjusting in very trying times, I’ll be glad when we can come back to our normal operating environment and I think we will come back stronger, and proud of the students continuing to build their education despite the challenges brought by the pandemic.