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Get Your Hashtags Ready

By Joseph Honeycutt

Tucked inside the Shelby/Hoover JSCC campus is a hallmark in fine dining led by award-winning chef Jason Bierley. The BistroProVare is a fully functioning “classroom café” that allows students the opportunity to engage in the culinary/hospitality experience fully.

Walking in, I was drawn directly to the bistro by the wonderful aroma from the kitchen, which had filled the hallways of the Merritt Health Science Building. A host greeted me at the door and promptly escorted me to an elegantly decorated table.

I ordered the Gulf Snapper en Papillote served with a spicy but pleasant Watermelon Gazpacho, Zucchini Salad, and Turtle Cheese Cake. A photo of the Zucchini Salad added a splash of color to my social media newsfeed. Served with a ginger lime dressing, the Zucchini Salad is worth a return visit alone.

The waiting staff worked together seamlessly, making sure drinks were topped off, and a basket remained filled with a medley of breads. I felt welcome and at ease from the delightful service and calm environment.

For those looking for a convenient and delightful place to eat, there is no need to leave campus to search. Open from 11:30 am to 1:00 Monday through Thursday, I will be eating lunch at the BistroProVare much sooner than later.

Photo Credit: Natesai Sukkamol