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Implementing Classroom Accommodations

After a student has completed the 3-step process for establishing services with the ADA Accommodations Office and has verified eligibility for appropriate and reasonable accommodations, the student will complete the following steps to implement accommodations in their classes.

  • Step One:  The student will submit the “Accommodations Letter Request” form located at under the “Forms for Student Use” section.
  • Step Two:  The student will share the accommodations letters with their instructors for the classes they plan to utilize the accommodations. The student and the instructor should meet to discuss the accommodations and coordinate logistics for implementing them for the class. The ADA Accommodations Office staff are available to assist the student and the instructor with accommodations implementation. The student and the instructor will both sign the accommodations letter indicating they have discussed the accommodations and agreed on an implementation plan.
  • Step Three:  The student should submit the signed accommodations letters to

Student should report any concerns about accommodations to the ADA Accommodations Office as soon as possible.

Responsibilities of the Student

  • Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to all college policies and procedures including those of the ADA Accommodations Office.
  • Students are responsible for requesting accommodation letters for each semester of enrollment.
  • Students are responsible for sharing their accommodation letters with their instructors.
  • Students are responsible for completing the “Test Proctoring Form” with their instructor for each exam that is to be proctored. Information regarding test proctoring can be found in the “Forms for Student Use” section of the ADA Accommodations website.