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The ADA Accommodations Office

Welcome to the Jefferson State Community College Americans with Disabilities Accommodations Office (ADA Office). The ADA Office looks forward to working with you and providing the assistance that will help make your JSCC academic career more successful and satisfying.

  • The ADA Accommodations Office of Jefferson State Community College is committed to making its academic  programs and services accessible to qualified students who have  disabilities.
  • Our goal is to provide  students who have disabilities equal opportunities to develop and  demonstrate their academic skills, while maintaining the academic integrity of the College programs.
  • Consistent with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation  Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and the American Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) it is the policy of Jefferson State Community College that no qualified person with a disability shall be subjected to discrimination because of that disability under any program or activity conducted or sponsored by the College.

The purpose of the Jefferson State Community College ADA Accommodations Office is to ensure equal access to the college experience for self-identified students with disabilities.  Equal access is defined as equal opportunities to develop and demonstrate academic skills while maintaining the academic integrity of the College.  The ADA Office is also responsible for disseminating information concerning ADA compliance and accessibility matters to students, prospective students, faculty, staff, and community members. 

ADA Accommodations Office:

Anne R. Sherman, Director

  • Telephone:  205.856.6077
  • Email:


  • Jefferson Campus:  Fitzgerald Student Center, Room 300
  • Shelby - Hoover Campus:  General Studies Building, Room 122
  • St. Clair - Pell City Campus:  Enrollment Services, Room PCC #121
  • Chilton - Clanton Campus: Enrollment Services, Room CC #113


Establishing Services

Enrollment Services handles all applications for admission.  Admission standards must be met by all students, regardless of disability.

All disability documentation must be submitted to the ADA Office.  When to self-identify as a student with a disability is a decision for the student.  However, prospective students are encouraged to contact the ADA Office for information regarding services and facilities.  If accommodations are needed for placement testing, disability documentation must be on file in the ADA Office.

  • Step #1:  Arrange an appointment with the ADA Director. It is advisable to make an initial appointment well before the semester begins by calling or e-mailing the ADA Office.  Appointments can be made for the Jefferson, Shelby-Hoover, St. Clair - Pell City and Chilton - Clanton Campuses.
  • Step #2:  Provide documentation to verify eligibility for services.  Typically, a licensed psychologist, physician, or other appropriate professional provides the evaluation, diagnosis and recommended accommodations in a detailed report.  The ADA Office is responsible for determining the acceptability of documentation and reserves the right to require additional information to determine the nature and impact of an individual’s disability.  Also, the ADA Office maintains the right to reject documentation that does not verify a student’s disability or delineates reasonable accommodations.
  • Step #3:  The ADA Office recommends reasonable accommodations by preparing a letter addressed to the instructor of each class for which accommodations were requested.  It is then the responsibility of the student to:
    • 1. Obtain accommodation letters from the ADA Office at the beginning of each semester.
    • 2. Deliver accommodation letters to each instructor discussing arrangements.
    • 3. Contact each instructor several days before accommodations such as extended test time and reduced distraction testing are needed.  Complete the Test Proctoring Form only if instructor is unable to proctor your test.
    • 4. Report any concerns about accommodations to the ADA Office as soon as possible.

The ADA Office maintains all documents relating to a student's disability. They are regarded with the strictest confidentiality. No personal document will be released without written permission of the student.

A Message for ADA Students

  • The ADA Accommodations office staff is available to help you with equal access to the college environment. We are available to help with accommodation questions or, if needed,  with assistance contacting other campus departments or community agencies.
  • New students requesting services must complete an online ADA application, provide appropriate college-level documentation of disability, then should contact the ADA Accommodations office to schedule a “virtual” intake appointment.  
  • For course accommodations,  each semester eligible students may request official letters from the ADA Office webpage by selecting “Forms for Student Use”. Once receiving the letter through the Jefferson State email system, students must sign and submit  the letter to the instructor discussing accommodations needed for the course. For implementing extended time on exams for eligible students, we recommend students email the instructor a reminder of the accommodation a few days before each exam. If beginning an online test you don't see the time extension, immediately email the instructor awaiting their reply before starting.
  • Now is a time of real transition as we learn to adapt to change.  As students with disabilities, you are well-equipped to overcome challenges and obstacles more so than many.  
  • You can do this!

For assistance, contact the ADA Accommodations Office Staff at

  • Anne Sherman-Director
  • Scotty Rainwater-Accommodations Coordinator
  • Candace Wilson-ADA Office Assistant