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Volume 33, Issue 1

March 2019

Career Day

By Joseph Honeycutt

February 5 was an exciting day for the Zeta Chapter of Sigma Chi Eta. Desks were filled with students interested in hearing the stories of six speakers from many different fields of communication including everything from advertising to videography. 

The panelists of Career Day included Michael Seale of, Chris Osborne of Jefferson County Department of Health, Bridget Baughan of Angels Advertising, LLC, Michael Shelton of Narrative Features Screen Committee and Crewless Productions, Lane McGiboney of Boutwell Studios, and James P. Fahy, an independent writer and musician. 

With over a hundred combined years’ experience in communication related fields from across the nation, there was certainly no shortage in interesting stories and advice to students. Some of the many topics covered were inspirations, education, and staying motivated while pursuing passions. 

Sigma Chi Eta is the National Communications Honor Society. The goal of Sigma Chi Eta is to improve communication skills, serve the community, and bring awareness to important issues. Students who have yet to become eligible for membership but would still like to become involved are encouraged to participate in featured Comm Club events such as Career Day.

Do You Need A Literature Class?

Do you need to take a literature class or a literature series? We offer six different courses in three areas of study:

  • American Literature
  • English Literature
  • World Literature

If you only need to take one course in literature, you can pick any course that fits your interests. You do not have to take the early time period course first. 

If you need just one course and you like more modern literature, consider taking ENG 252, ENG 262, or ENG 272.

For those who need to take a sequence, you should take two courses in the same area: American, English, or World. However, these courses can be taken in any order. So, if you need American Literature, you could take ENG 252 before taking ENG 251. 

All courses require at least two papers and two major exams. Courses are offered in a traditional classroom setting, as well in an online format. 

If you have questions, talk to any English instructor today!