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Policies & Procedures Manual

Code of Conduct

The JSCC Libraries seek to provide the college community with the best possible environment for research and study. The library's code of conduct was adapted from the JSCC Student Handbook.  Library patrons and staff expect to have:

  • A safe and healthy learning environment free from disruptive activity, harassment, and intimidation.
  • Access to facilities and resources free from damage.

Therefore, all patrons are expected to adhere to the following policies: 

Children: Under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Computer Use:  Patrons are expected to use computing resources in a manner consistent with the college’s Policies and Procedures for Information Technology Resources and Systems. Viewing or displaying inappropriate or offensive materials is prohibited.

Criminal Behavior: Campus Police and/or outside law enforcement authorities will be notified to address criminal behavior including but not limited to: assault, verbal threats, possession of weapons [simulated or real], public indecency, sexual harassment, theft of library books or property, vandalism, intoxication, possession of drugs, and viewing child pornography.

Damage to library property: The following behavior which may damage library equipment, collections, or facilities is prohibited: defacing library materials, equipment, furniture or facilities by marking, cutting, underlining, removing pages, or removal of theft devices.

Disruptive behavior: Any behavior that is disruptive to library use is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Buying or selling goods or services, or soliciting donations of any kind.
  • Creating excessive noise.
  • Using sound generating devices with or without headphones, at an audible level. 
  • Hostile or rowdy behavior [fighting, threatening, intimidating, using profanity, or verbal abuse].
  • Overt signs of substance abuse including drunkenness.
  • Entering staff offices/areas without authorization.
  • Entering the library without proper attire [shirt or shoes].
  • Refusal to leave the library when asked to do so.

Emergency Procedures: Library patrons must follow JSCC emergency procedures during emergency situations or dangerous weather conditions.


Food and beverages: Snack food items in secure containers and non-alcoholic beverages in securely covered containers are allowed. All other food items will not be allowed.  Not reporting spills and/or leaving a mess by being careless with food and beverages is prohibited. 

Personal Belongings: Leaving personal belongings unattended for any length of time is prohibited. Items left unattended may be taken to the Campus Security Office.

Tobacco Use: The use of all tobacco products or devices capable of dispensing nicotine [such as electronic cigarettes] is prohibited inside the building.

Enforcement and Consequences

  • Misuse of the library is a violation of the college’s administrative policies and Code of Conduct as set forth in the JSCC Student Handbook.
  • Patrons in violation of the library’s code of conduct will be asked to stop the behavior and may be asked to leave.
  • At the discretion of library staff, the JSCC Campus Police will be contacted to respond and assist.
  • Refusal to comply with these policies may result in restricted or suspended privileges, disciplinary action, suspension or expulsion, prosecution, or restitution. Violations may be referred to the Dean of Students for adjudication and appropriate action.

Campus Closings

In the event of campus closings, the libraries will close ONE HOUR prior to the posted campus closing time.