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Policies & Procedures Manual


The primary purpose of the Learning Resource Centers is to provide library materials, services, and facilities necessary to support the College’s instructional programs, to meet student course and non-course related library needs, and to meet administrative and public service requirements. In addition, the Learning Resource Centers accept the responsibility for providing materials and services to all members of the College community including traditional and non-traditional students, online, and distance learners.


  • Library users will have access to library resources, materials, and services.
  • Library users will find collections to be sufficient in quality, depth, diversity, format, and currency to support the college’s teaching and learning initiatives.
  • Library users will discover information in all formats through effective use of library technologies and organization of information.
  • Library users will seek engagement with librarians in a variety of ways and contexts when seeking information resources.
  • Library users will select among multiple options for instruction.
  • Library users will demonstrate ability to define information needs, access and evaluate resources, and use information resources ethically.