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Adult College Services

Learning Resources

Computer Skills Center

  • Get Started with Your Computer
    • Getting to know your computer
    • Using Windows
    • Computer hardware and connections
    • Setting up and using printers
  • Internet Basics
    • Discover the internet
    • Learn about websites and search engines
    • Using your personal email
    • Social Media tools
    • Internet safety
  • Keyboarding/Typing Tutorials
  • Popular Software Tools
    • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Online Learning Readiness

Navigate to Strategies for Success in Online Learning for the following tutorials:

  • What is online learning:
    • Online, hybrid, and traditional courses
    • Course or Learning Management Systems
    • The Successful Online Learner
  • Navigating Online Classes
    • The Syllabus as your guide
    • Plan ahead with the course calendar
    • Access textbooks and course material
    • Participate in discussion boards
    • Collaborate on group projects
    • Improve quiz and exam scores
    • Prepare for a final project
    • Reach out the the help desk