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CLEP Examination Resources

The CLEP® exams let you demonstrate your knowledge of college-level material—even if you acquired it through real-life experience or reading on your own—and earn credits simply by scoring well on the exams. For the most part, the exams cover the type of material that is taught in first- or second-year foundation or survey courses, on topics ranging from languages (French, German, and Spanish) to history, business, and more.

Students can use CLEP® exams to skip required classes in order to finish their degree more quickly, saving on time and tuition costs, or as a fast track to more advanced coursework that will help them achieve their goals.

Through a collaboration with the U.S. military, taking CLEP® exams is free for spouses of members of the Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve, and Coast Guard (active and reserve). For more information, contact the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support program, also known as DANTES.

To schedule your CLEP examination, please use the following link:  Schedule Your Exam

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