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Printing & Copying

The networked computers available at each campus library use a system called PaperCut to provide printing services.  For printer access, students must provide either their A number and password or full JSCC email address and password.

Whenever a request to print is made, the following dialog boxes will appear:

Print Dialog Screen

Click on the square "Print" button to access the login screen for PaperCut.  See the following dialog box:

PaperCut Login Screen

Enter your A number and password or your full JSCC email address including the and password and click "OK".

If your credentials are accepted, the following dialog box will appear:

Click "Print" to send your document to the networked printer.

Instructions on Printing in Shelby LRC

Each campus library has a coin-operated copier.  Copies are 15 cents per copy and the machines will accept quarters, nickels, and dimes only.  The libraries do not provide change; however, the Cashier's Office at each campus can provide change.

Students are responsible for adhering to applicable copyright laws as noted under the libraries' Copyright & Fair Use policy.