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Incoming Nursing Students [Chilton]

ADA Accommodations Office

The purpose of the Jefferson State Community College ADA Accommodations Office is to ensure equal access to the college experience for self-identified students with disabilities.  Equal access is defined as equal opportunities to develop and demonstrate academic skills while maintaining the academic integrity of the College.  The ADA Office is also responsible for disseminating information concerning ADA compliance and accessibility matters to students, prospective students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Assistance with Campus Technology


  • The Jefferson State CARE Team (Communicate, Assess, Refer, Educate) is committed to maintaining individual and overall faculty, staff, and student safety and well-being through pro-active and collaborative prevention, assessment, and intervention.

In case of emergency, please call the Jefferson State Police Department at  (205) 856-6093.

Learning Success Center

The Learning Success Center (LSC) is designed to promote access to computer technology, online resources and instructional programs to both college students and community residents in support of achievement of their academic career or life goals.   From students needing to improve study habits, to individuals identifying learning strengths and weaknesses, to striving to create a sensitive environment that is conducive to learning by providing multifaceted academic, and professional support to students,   staff, and faculty of Jefferson State Community College. Computer-assisted instruction, tutorial sessions and seminars are just a few of the tools used for educational development. Individual programs can be designed to address academic concerns for a unique learning experience.


  • Jefferson Campus LSC: Allen Library Building, Second Floor,Phone: 205-856-7952
  • Shelby Campus LSC: General Studies Building, Room 120, Phone:  205-983-5273
  • St. Clair - Pell City Center
  • Chilton - Clanton Center

Student Success Center