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The Library Technology

Interactive WebDesign

Dynamic Appointment Scheduling

  • Availability times, min/max appointment durations, and padding between appointments
  • Appointments are synced with staff members' Outlook calendars
  • Each department has a custom appointment registration form
  • Some departments have elected to combine their scheduler with a unique webguide to include pop-up chat widgets for general questions
  • Detailed statistics on the all appointments
  • LibCal provides auto-generated confirmation emails, reminder emails, and follow-up emails to students
  • We have linked the JSCC Zoom with LibCal so that meeting links are auto-generated for both the staff member and the student and these links are provided in all email communication with the student

Departments Currently Utilizing LibGuides WebDesign with Integrated LibCal Appointments

  • Some instructors are using LibCal to schedule appointments with students.
  • The Culinary Department will be activating appointments for program information/advising in early August.

Departments Utilizing LibCal for Events Management

LibAnswers for Live Chat and Ticketing System

  • The library software was used to create chat widgets for the following departments.
  • Each widget is monitored by a member of the department's staff to answer those questions not requiring extensive information or appointments.