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Learning Resources Committee


The purpose of the Learning Resources Committee is threefold:

  1. To introduce you to the vast library resources available to you and your students so that you may share this information with your colleagues and department chairs.
  2. To notify you of any changes in library resources and services as well as any new content – again so that you may share with your colleagues.
  3. Provide opportunities to you and your colleagues to actively engage in collection development and library services development.

Current Members

Campus Librarians

  • Dusty Folds
  • Barbara Goss
  • Clare King
  • Sharon Stewart

Faculty Representatives

  • Erin Arnold
  • Katie Boyer
  • Rebecca Willis
  • Kristin Henderson
  • David McRae
  • Leslie Naugher
  • Janice Rayla

Student Services Representatives

  • Mike Payne, Learning Success Centers
  • Anne Sherman, ADA Accommodations


  • Danielle Coburn
  • Alan Davis
  • Liesl Harris
  • Ali Yazdi