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  • The mission of the Jefferson State Community College JeffCoach Program is to assist identified students in building a strong foundation through mentorship and motivation for academic success.



JeffCoach Program students receive:

  • General academic advising, academic planning, and strengths identification
  • Assistance with developing time management, communication, and study skills
  • Support to set and attain their educational and personal goals
  • Face-to-face meetings with their JeffCoach three times per semester
  • Increased confidence and motivation

100% of students surveyed said:

  • They would recommend the JeffCoach Program to other students.
  • The JeffCoach Program improved their understanding of college and enabled their success.
  • Regular meetings with the JeffCoach were valuable in improving their college experience.
  • The JeffCoach helped them identify, develop, and work towards their goals.

“You helped me succeed and do what I thought would be impossible for me. Every student needs to be pushed like I was. With your help, anything could be accomplished!” – JeffCoach Student

“I think the JeffCoach Program is a great program for students to come and get help. This program is needed at Jeff State. It is a good program to be in.” – JeffCoach Student

JeffCoach Contact Information

Name Email Primary Campus
Olivia Kirkland St. Clair - Pell City Campus
Adrienne Merritt Jefferson - Centerpoint Campus
Patricia Marbury Jefferson - Centerpoint Campus
Danielle Collar Shelby - Hoover Campus
John Harris Shelby - Hoover Campus


Student Success Seminars

The Student Success Seminars are short workshops designed to equip students with skills that are vital to their success in college. Topics include:

  • Goal-setting
  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Note-taking and Active Reading Skills
  • Preparing for and Taking Tests
  • Communication Skills
  • Final Exams Prep
  • Overcoming Test Anxiety

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