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Career Coach for Workforce Education

Workforce Development Programs

Getting a job in today’s employment market requires knowledge and skills. Our non-credit programs help you gain the knowledge and develop the in-demand skills that employers require right now. We offer a wide variety of courses, seminars, and workshops for professional development, career training, and new technologies. Courses are offered year-round and provide either a Completion or Proficiency Certificate. Please note, non-credit courses do not qualify for Financial Aid. However, some programs do offer a payment plan.

Completion Certificate confirms the attainment of a specific subject or skill.

Proficiency Certificate verifies significant subject-matter content has been obtained and prepares the student in direct alignment with industry standards and/or state or professional certification or licensure.

Registrations are accepted until the course fills or up two business days prior to the start of class. However, it is highly recommended that you register at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the start date or sooner, to secure a seat in the non-credit workforce training programs.

Career Assessment

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