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Test Preparation

Test Preparation from PrepStep

If you have registered for an account on any of the PrepStep Centers and receive an error code or message while attempting to login with the username/password combination you created, we recommend the following:

  • Clear your browser history then close all browser windows and try again

Clearing your history and trying again usually allows access.  If you continue to have problems, contact the library via the chat option on the right or through any of the options found on the library's website.

Note:  You must access PrepStep from the library's website.  You cannot bookmark the link or copy/paste the link into your browser.  PrepStep must be accessed from one of the many links available on the library website; otherwise, you will not be able to access the resource.

More Resources from PrepStep

College and career readiness is about more than academic knowledge—it’s also about developing the foundational skills and habits that are critical to that success. The tutorials, articles, and eBooks arm students with the skills they need to succeed in the classroom and in life. Each interactive tutorial includes relevant examples, self-assessments, video, audio, and practical tips that students can use in their daily lives.
  • Organizational Strategies
    • Achieve Your Goals
    • Effective Multitasking
    • Get Organized
    • Manage Your Time
  • Classroom Success Skills
    • Effective Classroom Listening
    • Memorization Tips and Tricks
    • Note-taking Strategies
    • Reading Strategies for Class
    • Strategies for Success in Online Classes
  • Getting Academic Support
    • Communicating with Your Professor
    • Using Campus Resources
  • Research Skills
    • Introduction to Research Skills: Information Literacy
    • Finding and Citing Sources
    • Understand and Avoid Plagiarism
    • Write Like a Scholar
  • Personal Success Skills
    • Develop Healthy Habits
    • The Basics of Money Management
    • Why Credit Matters
    • Managing Your Debt
    • Understanding Insurance and Taxes
    • Investing for Life