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Respiratory Therapy

College Success Skills from PrepStep

Organizational Strategies

  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Effective Multitasking
  • Get Organized
  • Manage Your Time

Classroom Success

  • Effective Classroom Listening
  • Memorization Tips and Tricks
  • Note-taking Strategies
  • Reading Strategies for Class
  • Strategies for Success in Online Classes

Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students

The transition from high school to college is a lot bigger than many students realize. Help them make the most of their college academic experience with Academic Success—a six-part streaming video series filled with facts, hints, insights, and observations from experts in the field of education and from students who know the ropes. Topics include values and goals; time management; critical thinking and problem-solving; active listening and note-taking; researching, reading, and writing; and studying and test-taking. A Cambridge Educational Production. 6-part series, 10-12 minutes each.

Core Skills Review