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Computer Skills Center

Getting to Know Your Computer

Introduction to Personal Computers

  • If you are new to the world of computers, this course was created for you! You'll explore why computers are so important in today's society and all the different and exciting things you can do with one. Plus, you'll learn about the different types of computers, find out about the "cloud," review important computer-related words, and more.

Getting Started:

  • You have a new computer, now what? This video course will walk you through getting started using simple, common-sense language. From starting up and logging in, to using a mouse, discovering applications, connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more—you will be up to speed in no time!

Using Windows

Windows 10 Basics

  • Millions of computers and tablets run on Windows 10, and with this course, you'll be able to use one of them. Using everyday language, a tech expert shows you around Windows, explaining how to copy and paste, open the action center, adjust settings, and much more.

Customizing Windows 10

  • Everyone uses his or her computer differently. In this video course, learn how to customize your Windows 10-based computer or tablet to fit your needs. Change your desktop, create time-saving shortcuts, and even adjust sounds or graphics that you find annoying.

Opening Apps and Windows

  • So, how exactly do you get things done on a computer? This video course will walk you through getting started using applications and windows with simple, common-sense language.

Saving, Sharing, and Deleting

  • There's no use spending hours on a project if you can't find your work afterward and keep it safe. Learn how to search for the files and applications you need on your computer; how to save, share, and delete files; and how to use folders—the easy way to stay organized.

Managing User Accounts
This helpful video course will walk users through managing user accounts—you'll learn how to set up a new Microsoft account, add a local user, sign in and out, switch users, and more.

Computer Hardware and Connections

  • For people new to using computers, terms like hardware, software, and networks can be confusing and intimidating. In this video course, a certified expert explains how computers work and connect, using simple, common-sense language.

Setting Up and Using Printers

  • Install your printer without any confusion. This course walks you through connecting a printer to your computer, understanding and customizing printer options, and printing files—no matter what program or application you're using.