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Smith Nursing 113 Concepts


  • The course content for Nursing 113 is arranged according to the NUR 113 Concepts as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan of Instruction for Nursing 113.
  • The menu items on the left will link out to the stated Concepts With Exemplars.
  • This content is provided by the Jefferson State Libraries at no additional cost to students.
  • Your instructor has selected the material to reflect the Plan of Instruction for the concept-based curriculum for Nursing 113.
  • Should you have questions related to the content, please contact your instructor.
  • Should you encounter problems or have questions accessing the content in this Guide, please follow this link to an interactive form to request assistance or take advantage of the online chat feature.


  • Each reading is provided as a hyperlink and as a PDF for downloading/printing.
  • PDFs are indicated by the following icon: PDF Icon in Red
  • Video content may only be viewed via the link and any item that includes a video will be noted.
  • Note that any video content will not be included in a downloaded PDF.

A Note about Content

The course content in this Guide comes from the following library resources:

  • Nursing Reference Center Plus
  • CINAHL Complete

The supplemental study material in this Guide comes from the following library resources:

  • The LWW Health Library Complete Made Incredibly Easy Series
  • Films On Demand Nursing Collection

Nursing Reference Center Plus Content

Nursing Reference Center Plus provides evidence-based information for quick reference at the point-of-care. No other reference database offers nurses and educators the breadth and depth of content as Nursing Reference Center Plus.

Videos and Images

The videos in Nursing Reference Center Plus include short overviews of how to perform specific nursing procedures or skills. Graphical images assist at the point of care.


Nursing Reference Center Plus easily enables nurses and nurse educators to be updated on new/changed content to drive changes in practice.

Diseases and Conditions Quick Lessons

Nursing Reference Center Plus provides Quick Lessons equipping nurses with information about diseases including a description of the disease, its signs and symptoms, typical diagnostic tests and the interventions nurses will likely be involved in while the patient is in his/her care.

Evidence-Based Care Sheets

Nurses can quickly reference Evidence-Based Care Sheets directly at the point of care with Nursing Reference Center Plus. Care Sheets provide evidence regarding what is known about a disease or condition and the best way to treat the patient. Evidence is coded according to reference strength.

Nursing Management Topics

Nursing Management topics offered with Nursing Reference Center Plus facilitate the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the work of organization members and the process of directing, coordinating, and influencing the operations of an organization. Content supports nurses in their efforts to meet organizational goals, including attaining and maintaining accreditations/Magnet Status, improving outcomes, and decreasing costs.

Cultural Competencies

Nursing Reference Center Plus provides information to help nurses communicate effectively with patients of diverse cultural backgrounds and provides guidelines on how to provide care that is appropriate to the culture and the individual.

Drug Information

Nursing Reference Center Plus offers searchable drug information covering trade and generic drugs, drug classes, IV therapy tips and home care tips. It also contains information from Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses and AHFS Drug Essentials as well as current drug news and updates.

Patient Education Handouts

Thousands of evidence-based patient handouts are available with Nursing Reference Center Plus. Handouts are created by a combined editorial network of hundreds of health experts, editors, researchers, writers and reviewers. Handouts are highly graphical with color illustrations and are provided in English and Spanish with optional upgrades for 15 additional languages. Content is easy-to-read and contains thousands of detailed medical illustrations. Nurses can add personalized care notes.

Nursing Skills and Procedures

Nursing Reference Center Plus offers clinical papers outlining the necessary steps to achieve proficiency in a specific nursing task. Documents outline how the nurse should perform the skill, and provide additional information including a definition of each skill, why the skill should be performed and more.

Skill Competency Checklists

Forms can be accessed through Nursing Reference Center Plus that can be used to check off each skill, as the nurse demonstrates competency in that particular skill.

Core Measures Topics

Topics in Nursing Reference Center Plus cover Core Measure sets in detail, providing nurses with access to the nationally recognized standardized performance measurement resource.

Nursing E-books

Featured e-books include Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications; Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary; Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses; AHFS Drug Information Essentials and more.

Legal Cases

Nursing Reference Center Plus provides legal case studies covering malpractice issues in health care. Each study gives a synopsis of the legal case, the contentions of each side, the damages claimed and the outcome. A bibliography with standards of care and other similar legal cases is also included.

Research Instruments

Nursing Reference Center Plus includes descriptions of clinical assessment tools, psychological tests, attitude measures and more. The analysis also includes purpose and variables measured, the number of items and questions, the sample population, methodology, how to obtain the instruments and the source of the instrument.

Latest Medical News

Nursing Reference Center Plus provides HealthDay News with FDA updates and daily clinical and drug updates.

CINAHL Complete Content Includes

  • Full text for more than 1,200 journals indexed in CINAHL Database
  • Indexing for more than 5,400 journals
  • Searchable cited references for more than 1,500 journals
  • Full text dating back to 1937
  • More than 6 million records
  • Author affiliations

Improve Patient Care with

  • Continuing education modules
  • Evidence-based care sheets
  • Quick lessons providing overviews of disease and conditions
  • Research instruments

Supporting Materials

  • CINAHL Complete provides broad content coverage including 50 nursing specialties, speech and language pathology, nutrition, general health and medicine and more.
  • Earn CEUs with CINAHL Complete: Cinahl Information Systems is accredited with distinction by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Accreditation Program and is further accredited by International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).
  • Compatible with EBSCO’s Point-of-Care Online Databases: CINAHL Complete is compatible with EBSCO’s point-of-care resources including Nursing Reference Center (NRC) and others. Nursing Reference Center users can search CINAHL Complete content via the NRC interface and retrieve content from both sources.