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English 251 Henderson

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Anne Bradstreet

Wiliam Cullen Bryant

Emily Dickinson

Frederick Douglass

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Wayne, Tiffany K. "'Self-Reliance.'" Critical Companion to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Facts on File, 2010. Bloom's Literature, online.

Farris, Nettie. “Beginnings: Ralph Waldo Emerson: ‘Nature’ and ‘The American Scholar’.” Defining Documents: Environment & Conservation (1791-2015), edited by Michael Shally-Jensen, Salem Press, 2016, pp. 24–26. EBSCOhost,,shib&db=khh&AN=127106055&site=eds-live.

Research Sources:

Nathaniel Hawthorne


Werlock, Abby H. P. “‘The Birth-Mark.’” Encyclopedia of the American Short Story, 2-Volume Set, 3rd ed., Facts On File, 2013. Bloom's Literature,

"Rappaccini's Daughter." Short Stories for Students, edited by Matthew Derda, vol. 42, Gale, 2016, pp. 240-259. Gale eBooks,

Research Sources:

Harriet Jacobs


Research Sources:

Cotton Mather

Henry David Thoreau