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Math Lab

For Use by Registered JSCC Students Only

  • Tutoring services through the JSCC Virtual Math Lab are available only to registered Jefferson State students.


Use the interactive options to get assistance from a JSCC Math Tutor:

  • Upload an assignment for review
  • Access online chat feature to chat with a math tutor

Chat with a Math Tutor

The Chat feature has the following options:

  • simple online chat
  • area to upload your homework, assignment, or math problem
  • Tutor can provide the following via the Chat feature:
    • simple online chat
    • Screenshare options which include the following features:
      • video and audio so you can see and speak with the Tutor
      • screenshare option with a Whiteboard
      • Annotation features where the Tutor can provide active guidance in solving math problems via the screenshare

Send an Interactive Request to a Math Tutor