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December 2019 Issue of The Pioneer dedicated in memory of JSCC student Sloan Harmon

JSCC Has an Art Posse

By Joseph Honeycutt

Since 2011 JSCC’s art department has taken pride in displaying student created artwork. Featuring everything from drawings to sculptures, these shows really showcase the talented artists that JSCC has.

Two shows are offered each year. The fall semester show takes place at the Shelby-Hoover Campus while the spring show is at Jefferson Campus. Art instructors Patrick Mayton and Camilla Avery oversee each event respectively.

For the events’ first three years, student’s art was shipped to the other location to be shown to allow more students access to artwork they might ordinarily not see. It was decided to keep the students work at their respective campuses to prevent damage during transport, but students from either campus can enter either show.

“You have to support the student artists, further the school, and make sure everyone knows we exist,” instructor Patrick Mayton says. Mayton encourages the participation of not only current students but alumni in displaying their art at these events.

Be sure to stop by the third floor of Shelby-Hoover’s Health Sciences Building to see what new art is on the walls of the hallway. Patrick Mayton always welcomes students to inquire about JSCC’s art courses or to simply talk art.  

Updates on the upcoming spring event will be released next semester so no worries, you can still come support student art if you missed the last show. Don’t forget to check out the Arts and Entertainment of the Pioneer where new student artwork is featured in every issue.

Student Artists Featured

Grace Asa Barton

Dailey Nicholas

Darla Kilgore

Alexandria Daniels

Judah Sciacca

Anna Karg

Billy Fernandez Arroyo

Boyang Song

Thomas Ansley

Hudson Hatley

Olivia Tae

Cesar Bejarano Herrejon

Wade Brock

Justin Cox

Anna Grace Monroe

Kaylee Coffman

Hunter Vanderkamp

Patton Mazzola

Chris Majerik

Sharon DeVaney Lovinguth

Christopher Wingo

Jasmine Cooper

Joseph Honeycutt

Sonya Wynn

Anna Hope Fague

Hayden Horsely

James Sheetz

Caleb Kissinger

Maria Rodriguez

Cari Sheets