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High School Programs

Career and Technical Education

Each year, Jefferson State receives a list of approved Career Programs. These Career Programs are available for students to take through the Dual Enrollment or Accelerated Programs so long as the student meets the criteria to participate.

Career and Technical Education Scholarship

  • The Career and Technical Education Scholarship is available to eligible students who attend a school that is within our service area, and that school must have a Dual Enrollment agreement with us.
  • CTE funds are only available to dual enrollment students.
  • A student must declare their career program or “major” which they want to pursue. Students may not change their program of choice once they are in it.
  • Once their career program is selected, they must stay within it to receive continuous funding.  

The ACCS submits a funding list on a yearly basis based on the workforce needs of our service area. Programs approved for funding are subject to change at any time.

Admission Eligibility

High school students must meet the following criteria to be admitted into program.

  • 10th, 11th, 12th grade
  • minimum unweighted GPA of a 2.5
  • counselor approval

Academic Courses:

  • Workforce Development Scholarship students may pair their career courses with academic courses.
  • For the FY 17-18, academic courses are restricted to English, Math, or Science. English, Math, and Science courses must be relevant to the AAS/Advanced Certificate/Short Certificate options to qualify for grant coverage.
  • Academic courses must be paired with a career course in the same semester to have the tuition covered. The Scholarship will only cover 2 courses per term. If a student requests to take more than 2 courses per term, they must pay for it independently, and it must be approved by their High School counselor.

Approved Funding List for Fiscal Year 20-21

Child Development Program

  • Educarar Option
  • Administrator Option
  • Afterschool Option
  • Child Development Basic Certificate 

Computer Information Systems Technology Program

  • App Development
  • Computer Programming Option 
  • Networking Option 
  • Web Technologies Option 

Emergency Medical Services

  • EMT Basic Certificate (Seniors Only)

Manufacturing and Technology

  • Biomedical Equipment Technology Option
  • Automotive/Automated Manufacturing Option
  • Electronics Option
  • Computer Aided Drafting/Design Option
  • Manufacturing Systems Technology Option
  •  Welding Option

Office Administration Technology Option

  • Medical Support Specialist Option
  • Legal Support Specialist Option
  • Accounting Support Specialist Option
  • Administrative Office Applications Specialist Option

For Additional Information

  • Contact your high school counselor
  • Email Jefferson State at
  • Complete the online request form