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High School Programs

Accelerated High School Programs

  • Accelerated: A secondary education student who is earning college credit while still in high school.
  • Accelerated High School program may not substitute for high school credit.

Jefferson State offers qualified high school juniors and seniors the chance to enroll in a special academic program. During the junior and senior years in high school, students may take courses that fulfill college requirements. Upon graduating from high school, the students may continue at Jefferson State or transfer the college credits to another postsecondary institution. Acceptance of transfer credit is a decision made by each individual college. An important point to remember is that the content and teaching methodology of all classes will be at the college level. Students are eligible for the Accelerated High School Program if they meet all the following criteria:

1.     The student must have successfully completed the 10th grade.

2.     The student must have completed any required high school prerequisites (for example: a student may not take English Composition until all required high school English courses have been completed).

3.     An Accelerated High School Form must be completed each term, and the local principal and counselor must certify that the student has a minimum cumulative 3.0 average and recommend that the student be admitted to this program.

Students must have the completed Accelerated High School Form on file in Enrollment Services prior to registering for courses. All college credit completed at Jefferson State Community College prior to earning the high school diploma or GED is conditionally awarded. The student’s transcript will read “Conditional Credit” until an official high school transcript showing the date of graduation has been received by Enrollment Services. Accelerated high school students are not eligible for financial aid.

Exceptions may be made to requirements 1 and 2 above for students documented as gifted and talented according to the standards included in the State Plan of Exceptional Children and Youth.

For Additional Information

  • Contact your high school counselor
  • Email Jefferson State at
  • Complete the online request form