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Thorsby High School Preview Day: Nursing @ the JSCC Chilton Campus


Welcome to Preview Day for Nursing Education Programs at the Jefferson State Community College Chilton Campus! 

Nursing Education Program


ACT Practice Resources

Considering the Nursing Education Programs at Jefferson State?  If so, contact the library for access to premier resources for the ACT including study guides, interactive practice exams, and more!

Prospective Students

We are excited you are considering becoming a Registered Nurse. Nursing is a demanding yet highly rewarding profession in the healthcare field.  The faculty and staff of Jefferson State Nursing Education Program are dedicated to helping students achieve success. Each prospective student should consider the list below prior to applying.  Admission to the nursing education program is highly competitive and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

Estimated Costs

Admission Requirements

Minimum academic admission requirements:

  • ACT score of 18 or above
  • GPA of 2.5 or above

Admission Steps

  • Complete an Application for Admission to Jefferson State.
  • Request that official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended be sent to Enrollment Services for evaluation.
  • Take the math and English placement tests unless transfer credit is awarded or ACT scores are less than three years old.
    • Contact the Testing Office for information about testing dates and times.
  • Print Nursing Application Checklist and Ranking Score to make sure you’ve met all admission requirements.
  • Make an appointment with a Pre-Nursing Advisor to determine eligibility.
  • Submit an Application for Admission to Nursing Program:
    • Application deadlines are as follows:
      • Fall:  May 12th
      • Spring: October 6th
      • Summer:  February 6th
      • If the deadline date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, applications will be accepted until 4:30 pm on the following Monday only.
      • Applications should be submitted to enrollment services on any campus

Chilton - Clanton Campus Tour

How We Support Our Students