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ACLS Review

The Resource

  • ACLS Review Made Incredibly Easy, third edition, provides information that follows AHA guidelines to assist with preparing for Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification.
  • This book provides current treatment algorithms as well as information regarding oxygen delivery, critical medications, and how to care for patients in other life-threatening situations, such as anaphylaxis and submersion.
  • Note:  As part of the JSCC Libraries' license agreements, this content is for use by currently enrolled JSCC students only.

Instructions on Using This Guide

  • This Guide is organized according to the ACLS Review Made Incredibly Easy table of contents.
  • The menu on the left represents the individual chapters from the table of contents.
  • Each chapter will provide a list of topics covered followed by a link to the actual chapter.
  • Any word or phrase which appears in blue is a hyperlink to the stated content.

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